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Electronics & Tele Communication Engineering @ Glance
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is a field that involves complex electronic apparatus, circuits and equipments that help in executing speedy and efficient telecommunication systems. These engineers design, fabricate, maintain, supervise and manufacture electronic equipments used in entertainment industry, computer industry, communication and defense. Ever increasing pace of development in electronics, audio and video communications systems and the automation in industry have made an electronic engineer a catalyst for the change of the modern society. Electronics gadgets and communication systems of present age have tremendously improved the quality of life. With the tempo of events throughout the world, it has become essential to have more efficient communication network with the latest electronic devices and circuits. Besides giving a thorough grounding in basic sciences and engineering subjects, the curriculum in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering lays greater emphasis on deep understanding of fundamental principles and state of the art knowledge about electronic devices and circuits, computer architecture and microprocessors, VLSI and embedded systems, electromagnetic field theory, analog and digital communication, digital signal processing, microwave and broadband communications. JMCT Polytechnic is having enriched Electronics and Telecommunication Department with highly qualified and liable staff members. The laboratories are well furnished with fulfilled equipments, tools, electronics kits and Study manuals and journals. The ample quantity of equipments helps the students to perform experiments comfortably. The spacious laboratory is a cozy place for the students to expose their practical talent and help in their projects and different applications. Electronics and Telecommunication department comprises different labs like Communication Lab, Instrumentation Lab, Basic Electronic Lab,PCB Lab and Electrical Lab. Each and every lab is well furnished with full content instruments. The students can perform their practicals at a time conveniently under the guidance of Two Technical Assistants and respective faculty.
To Establish a unique environment to make students face the challenges of Electronics and telecommunication era.
To Provide valuable resources for industry and society through excellence in technical education and research.